EFF says “assassination plot” led to slapping of police officer


- all4women.co.za | 2 months ago

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have cited news of a plot to assassinate its leader Julius Malema during the State of the Nation address as the reason its MPs acted with “the necessary self-defence” during a scuffle outside the National Assembly during which a plain-clothed police was slapped In a statement, the EFF said the assassination threat involved “elite members of the police” who were working with right-wing groups to kill Malema in a bid to prevent the expropriation of land without compensation debate from advancing.

“We are told that the Parliamentary Security Service, a.

a “white shirts”, have been infiltrated by these groups and targeted the occasion of the Sona to execute the assassination,” the statement said. “The hope was that the EFF caucus would be kicked out of the house, using the parliamentary security (white shirts).

The anticipated evil acts would then be carried out during this moment of chaos.” The EFF said when they were blocked from passing through a particular part of the National Assembly after Thursday night’s Sona, they thought it was the moment the threat would be executed.

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