EFF says don't blame Zuma for Sars mess


- citizen.co.za | 3 months ago

The EFF remains so opposed to Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan and his allies that they have taken issue with journalist and researcher Ferial Haffajee for even suggesting that the revenue service’s troubles began during (and because of) Jacob Zuma’s presidential terms.

The EFF maintains that – Zuma or no Zuma – Gordhan, Ivan Pillay and others in their cohort must carry the can for Sars’ problems. The question of when the troubles for former Sars deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay was debated after Haffajee shared a link to an old report of hers that pointed fingers at Zuma’s involvement when Sars began sniffing into his tax affairs.

“Ivan Pillay’s trouble started when he questioned former president Jacob Zuma about his tax affairs.

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