EFF takes aim at three provinces in attempt to drop ANC support


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The Economic Freedom Fighters have a plan to diminish the African National Congress' majority to below 50ome May. The 'Red Berets' aim to win three provinces from the ruling party as an integral part of their strategy in the upcoming elections.

The Economic Freedom Fighters have ambitious plans to diminish the hold that the ANC has on South Africa.The political party intends to win over three provinces in the upcoming elections, namely the North West, Gauteng and Limpopo.Limpopo is where EFF leader, Julius Malema's hometown is, and he had been campaigning in the region a few weeks ago in an attempt to strengthen his party's standing.

PAY ATTENTION: Do you want to know what's trending on Briefly.co.za? Join our WhatsApp group today.READ ALSO: The ANC stands a chance of recovering lost ground in GautengAccording to News24, a senior provincial official had commented on Malema's strategy to draw more votes in the region:“He has told us to ensure that EFF volunteers bring three to five voters on election day and ensure that they vote for the EFF.”PAY ATTENTION: Meet Top 20 Wealthiest Families Of The World Malema is acutely aware that his party was the leading opposition in both the North West and Limpopo.

The EFF leader is also aware that the ANC is struggling to regain their position:“Research shows the ANC is shaking in those provinces. There is no ANC. The EFF is the only organisation that is increasing.

It is a fact which even researchers – who don’t like to announce that – have come to concede the EFF is growing and the ANC and DA are declining.

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