EFF threatens to name 40 more ANC MPs who wanted Zuma ousted


- city-press.news24.com | 3 months ago

The EFF has threatened to stoke more trouble within the ANC by revealing the names of other ANC leaders like Derek Hanekom who were involved in meetings to remove former president Jacob Zuma from office.

EFF treasurer-general Leigh-Ann Mathys told City Press: “We are in possession of the list of more names of ANC leaders who approached us for assistance to oust the former president. ”Speaking at a rally, which took place on Saturday at KaNyamazane Stadium in Mpumalanga to celebrate the EFF’s sixth birthday, Mathys declined to say when her party would reveal the names of the alleged conspirators.

“You know politics is a game and we need to be strategic in the manner in which we release this information,” she said.

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