EFF vandalises Pretoria beauty salon after employee tears down posters


- briefly.co.za | 6 months ago

- The EFF descended on a beauty salon in Garsfontein, Pretoria after an employee removed EFF posters from the premises- The situation saw tensions rising, with both sides laying charges against the other- The IEC offered a stern warning to both parties, saying that while it is illegal to remove election posters, it is also against the law to put them up on private propertyEFF members vandalised a beauty salon in Pretoria on Monday.

 The party members descended on the Garsfontein salon in response to an incident over the weekend where a salon employee tore down the EFF's election posters.  The EFF also laid charges against the woman who allegedly removed the posters.

The situation reportedly reached a fever pitch, with tensions running high on both sides and both parties threatening to take the other to the police.

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