EFF will take over the government in 2019 elections says Floyd Shivambu


- briefly.co.za | 6 months ago

- Floyd Shivambu is confident the Economic Freedom Fighters will be dominant in the upcoming elections of 2019- According to Shivambu, the EFF will be victorious and take over government - However, the party's leader, Julius Malema, has a more patient approach and wants to be the people's voice for now and take over in the next 5 years The EFF is very busy campaigning for the upcoming 2019 general elections, and its Deputy President, Floyd Shivambu, is confident of victory.

While the EFF's message often borders on leftist politics, as reported by The South African, it looks like many people, especially the youth, like what they're saying. This confidence is no doubt fired by the EFF's success during the Student Representative Council elections in which the party won over big campuses like the University of Cape Town and Wits University.

Shivambu shared the EFF's plans ahead of the elections in 2019 on social media, and he is confident the road ahead is paved in victory.

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