EFF's attempt to name Cape Town airport after Winnie Mandela foiled


- briefly.co.za | 4 months ago

- While the Economic Freedom Fighters had been convinced of their resolution yesterday, National Assembly was clearly not on board- Parliament opted to allow the naming process for Cape Town International Airport, currently underway, take it's course- Jackson Mthembu for the ANC had felt the EFF's attempt to undermine a process that was aimed at including the public was ill-advisedThe EFF might have been convinced that Cape Town International Airport should be named after Winnie Mandela, but the National Assembly was not.

Julius Malema, leader of the party, had opened up the debate by reminding MPs that the revolution had been driven by woman, contrary to the 'false idea' of men having led the way. However, the ANC, DA and NFP parties had opposed the proposal, opting instead to allow the naming process currently underway to take its due course.

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