EFF's decision to no longer vote with us is unfortunate - DA


- news24.com | 3 months ago

The red beret's commander in chief, Julius Malema, announced during a media briefing at the party's headquarters on Tuesday that the EFF would not be voting with any party, including both the DA and ANC in council.

This after the EFF attempted to negotiate a power-sharing deal that would see one of its councillors becoming the mayor of Tshwane and others appointed as members of mayoral committees in other municipalities where the DA and EFF have a working relationship. "The context to this is after the election results in the lead-up to the swearing in of new MPs they approached the DA with an interesting power-sharing proposal," said DA national spokesperson Solly Malatsi.

He added that the EFF's proposal was a "complete departure" from the original agreement the two parties had initially signed, which would see the EFF voting with the DA on a case-by-case basis.

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