EFF's Ndlozi raises point of order asking to turn off 'racist' air-con


- briefly.co.za | 2 months ago

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi raised a strange point of order today at the SONA debate in Parliament earlier today.

The EFF spokesman demanded that something needed to be done about the 'racist' air-conditioning.Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi raised an unusual point of order today at the State of the Nation debate in Parliament.

The Economic Freedom Fighter spokesperson told speaker Baleka Mbete that something had to be done about the air-conditioning as it was 'racist'.Rising from his seat, Ndlozi had told parliament that he had already asked staff to reduce it, saying:“I’ve been asking the table staff to reduce it.

I’m sorry I have to address you about how racist this air-con is,” READ ALSO: Malema swipes at Ramaphosa saying he's a businessman here to irritate For anyone wondering why someone would accuse an inanimate object of being racist, it stems from a running joke in SA, where black people often complain that white people enjoy much lower temperatures.According to The Citizen, a light-hearted Facebook post, which recently went viral, had called upon black South Africans to ask their white colleagues to refrain from setting the airconditioner to 'uit die BLOW van onse hemel'.Briefly.co.za reported earlier that Ndlozi's leader, Julius Malema, had spoken at the same event only this time it wasn't so light-hearted.

The EFF president had accused Cyril Ramaphosa of having his own interests at heart, not the nations, saying:“You are still an active businessperson who just took leave to come and irritate us here,”.

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