EFF's second National People's Assembly kicks off: Race to lead begins


- briefly.co.za | a month ago

- The Economic Freedom Fighters' National People's Assembly is well underway- Following registration on Friday, delegates are flocking to the opening ceremony- With the party's leadership set to undergo some changes, all eyes are on the Red BeretsThe Economic Freedom Fighters have spared no expense for their second National People's Assembly.Briefly.co.za reported that the EFF had spent a staggering R32 million to ensure the event was one for the record books.

Commenting at the beginning of the event, spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi highlighted the importance of treating members well:"EFF members and activists come from working-class families and we are giving them excellent treatment, which gives them the idea that they are important and they are going to conduct the revolution with the same dignity and importance. "READ ALSO: EFF defends R32 million for elective conference: Not VBS money The EFF has defended itself against allegations that VBS Mutual Bank funding had been used, adament that the money had come from legitimate sources.

The registration process impressed those who gathered to take part, with numerous compliments put forward over how fast and secure the procedure had been.

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