eNCA silent over appointment of Kanthan Pillay as news boss


- citizen.co.za | 5 months ago

Confusion surrounds the appointment of Kanthan Pillay, founder and leader of the Capitalist Party of South Africa (ZACP), as TV channel eNCA’s news boss following the death of Ben Said.

While The Citizen first reported on Thursday that his appointment may already have been a done deal following an anonymous tip-off from within the company, eNCA editor-in-chief Jeremy Maggs was subsequently reached, and said Pillay had joined eNCA’s senior management, but only on a “short-term contract”. “He has not been appointed head of news,” he said at the time.

Both Maggs and Pillay would not be drawn on questions as to whether he was quitting politics, or whether the appointment of a political leader to an independent media organisation is appropriate.

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