Eskom, elections and investment: What to expect at SONA

- | 2 months ago

In what is arguably the head of state’s most important speech of the year, Ramaphosa is facing the possibility of disruption. The EFF has made it clear it wants him to answer questions about Bosasa before he addresses the nation.

Party leader Julius Malema vowed to turn the occasion into a question and answer session, in which EFF MPs would force Ramaphosa to answer questions about the controversial donation he received from facilities management company African Global Operations, previously known as Bosasa. Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Khusela Diko said they hoped for a peaceful event, where decorum would be observed. “It’s our hope, our wish, that the SONA will be afforded the decorum that it deserves.

  “It’s really political opportunism to try to use this SONA to try to deal with issues that are being dealt with at another forum,” she said earlier this week.

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