Euphonik shares an old Malema interview - he stands in agreement

- | 3 weeks ago

- Julius Malema once uttered words that seem to have deeply resonated with many people- DJ Euphonik is one who was touched by Malema's words about the future and he shared them on social media- Taking to his Twitter account, Euphonik shared video footage of the EFF leader's 'gem'Julius Malema has left several people impressed with some old words of wisdom and DJ Euphonik is one of them.

Recently, the DJ shared a video of Malema speaking to Anele Mdoda and he made it clear he was in total agreement with the EFF leader. Malema spoke about how it doesn't matter what people say as long as you have an appointment with the future.

Anele commented that his words were profound, and it seems that even today, the pearls of wisdom that Malema shared are being appreciated.

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