#FakeNewsFriedman: There's no plot against the EFF – Stratcom


- citizen.co.za | 4 weeks ago

EFF leader Julius Malema this week warned party members of an alleged strategy on the part of the “establishment” who Malema claims has instructed “Stratcom” to reuse old stories meant to discredit EFF leaders in the next three weeks.

A spokesperson for the Stratcom Agents National Editor’s Forum, who chose to remain anonymous, denied that this was the case. “We can confirm that we have received no instructions to bring up stories relating to past scandals involving the party.

” For example, there are no plans to bring up the party’s alleged involvement in the looting of VBS Bank, he said. There would be no reason for media to highlight, out of the blue, how the party has been accused of receiving more than R1.

8 million as part of what has been described as the “looting” of VBS Bank, with R430,000 allegedly channelled into a property owned by Malema, he added. Another old story that Stratcom said they definitely had no plans to mention in the coming weeks was the On Point Engineering scandal, which saw Malema accused of directly benefiting from the irregular awarding of a tender back in 2012.

According to the spokesperson, the media has an obligation to show it isn’t engaged in attempts at discrediting the EFF, which is why, in his opinion, references to the funding the party has received from alleged cigarette smuggler Adriano Mazzotti should not just gratuitously be dropped into articles in South African mainstream media publications.

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