Fikile Mbalula and Robert Marawa clash in battle over 'EFF marketing'

- | 2 months ago

ANC elections head Fikile Mbalula and sports reporter Robert Marawa went toe to toe in a twar about the EFF this weekend.

Things got so heated that Julius Malema, leader of the party, himself jumped in.Fikile Mbalula, ANC election head, is no stranger to Twitter drama and this latest battle is an excellent example.

Mbalula clashed with Robert Marawa, sports personality, after the later posted a video clip of an EFF banner being flown over the FNB stadium during the Soweto soccer derby.The video had been posted with a tongue-in-cheek comment aimed at the EFF's opposition:"Air traffic controllers will await the arrival of the other parties!!"READ ALSO: Malema feels misunderstood about EFF slap and assassination claimsEvidently, this had triggered Mbalula who had said the ANC would not follow suit, accusing Marawa of promoting the EFF.

At this point in time it appears as if Julius Malema, who had been tagged in the original post, threw a punch of his own.It seems as if Robert had the last laugh, with one last ( and fatal) blow to his ANC opponent:Ouch! People were left wondering what the man had ever done to invite Mbalula's rage.

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