Fistfight in South African parliament as guards eject opposition MPs

- | 4 months ago

CAPE TOWN: A brawl broke out in South Africa‘s parliament on Thursday (Feb 9) as guards exchanged punches with opposition lawmakers who shouted down President Jacob Zuma as he tried to deliver his state of the nation address.

In chaotic scenes, guards in white shirts forcibly ejected about 25 members from the radical leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party who prevented the president from speaking for about an hour. “We have been patient with you, we have been trying to give you an opportunity to express yourselves but … it is being abused,” Speaker Baleka Mbete told the EFF lawmakers before they were thrown out.

The president‘s annual address to parliament in Cape Town has descended into mayhem for the past three years as the EFF – dressed in red workers‘ overalls and berets – attempt to disrupt Zuma‘s speech.

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