Floyd's brother Brian Shivambu sued over R4.2m in unpaid VBS loans


- briefly.co.za | a week ago

- Brian Shivambu, brother of EFF Deputy-President Floyd Shivambu, is facing the fallout for failing to pay R4.

2 million back to VBS- Brian, along with his company, Sgameka Projects, had taken out loans and mortgages from the now-defunct bank- Liquidators have summoned Shivambu after he failed to honour payment arrangements for the amounts owingBrian Shivambu is being sued over R4.2 million in unpaid mortgages and loans taken out at VBS Mutual Bank.

The liquidators of the bank are suing the brother of Floyd Shivambu and have asked that his company, Sgameka Projects, is placed under liquidation for breach of contract:"We requested the sheriff of the court to serve Shivambu immediately. He has five court days to respond as to whether he will accept the application or oppose it.

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