Focus on Africa: Trust in Ramaphosa lifts ANC prospects ahead of elections

- | 4 months ago

A three-year study conducted by the University of Johannesburg Centre for Social Development in Africa, published by today’s Mail and Guardian says a solid 55 percent of respondents named Ramaphosa as the reason why they will vote for the ruling African National Congress – compared to Jacob Zuma’s dismal 26 percent in a 2017 poll.

"Ramaphoria"The CSDA survey found support for the Democratic Alliance dropping from 22 percent previously to 13 percent while the Economic Freedom Fighters are projected to score 9 percent – a 3 percent increase from the previous survey. The publication also highlights finding by the study that most potential voters are warming up to Ramaphosa’s “new dawn” and pinning their hopes on his ability to bring into the fold citizens who had turned their backs to the ruling party. 7 million voters are eligible to cast ballots in the process to elect a new National Assembly and provincial legislatures in each of the country’s 9 province.

Ramaphosa will be leading the ruling ANC into an election for the first time, one year after replacing graft-tainted Jacob Zuma who was forced to resign from office on 14 February 2018, one year before the end of his second 5-year term.

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