Former apartheid detainees condemn EFF attack on Gordhan in Parliament

- | 8 months ago

A group claiming to be former members of the United Democratic Front, South African Youth Congress, and Congress of the Students has come out in support of Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan after he was attacked by EFF members in Parliament on Thursday.

"Association of the Political Detainees (APD) condemns the attack on one of us, our fellow ex-detainee Comrade Pravin Gordhan by the EFF in Parliament on Thursday," APD chairperson Ncane Ntuli said in a statement on Friday. "The scenes we have witnessed in Parliament yesterday as instigated by the EFF does not amount to freedom of speech and tolerance, as Comrade Gordhan was threatened and temporarily prevented from making his speech.

" This comes after Gordhan faced off with EFF members who stormed the floor in a public enterprises committee meeting, in an apparent bid to prevent the minister from delivering his budget vote, News24 earlier reported.

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