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Cabinet reshuffle on the cardsThree ministers could change places, moving Lindiwe Sisulu from her powerful postSisulu to face Parliament on Bathabile’s new jobThe minister of human settlements, water and sanitation, who put Dlamini in the job on November  5, has 10 days to respond to parliamentary questionsSANDF sexual abuse and exploitation exposedInternal documents show that soldiers, meant to protect South Africa and keep the peace outside our borders, are sexually assaulting peopleFear inside the church of refugeesMigrant leader accused of military-style tactics to influence people and push authorities for a chance to leave South AfricaEFF wants Jozi mayor job, ends DA dealThe decision, made public by EFF president Julius Malema at a briefing in Johannesburg yesterday, effectively ends the coalition‘Rogue unit’ case will set precedentThe ConCourt hearing on the interim interdict against Mkhwebane is about more than politicsBoy on a bike fulfilling his dreamsPeople who know John Steenhuisen, the DA’s interim leader, say he has what it takes to leadForgotten people of PlatfonteinPublic consultations for the country’s new health Bill show how language barriers can keep healthcare away from those who need itMkhwebane hits back at BaloyiThe public protector has asked the court to strike out claims that she and her chief executive had acted unconstitutionallySlice of life: Travelling is such a trip‘Growing up, I was not exposed to people who travelled, so it never crossed my mind that I would be a jet-setter like I am today’Why South Africa is the world’s most unequal societyThe label is used so often it runs the risk of monotony.

A new report sheds light on the full, multidimensional nightmare of South African inequalityHammanskraal crisis: Slow tender stops clean water flowingA previously undisclosed tender report reveals that the contract to fix a key wastewater treatment plant was delayed for over a yearTrump mantra: Quid pro quo or not, it means bribery and extortionLinguists say using the same expression repeatedly is a way of lodging a specific idea in voters’ brainsAFRICA:AKA, Burna Boy and the African unity concert that wasn’tThe two musicians once billed themselves as pan-African pin-ups. What does their ugly spat say about the state of continental unity?Gold rush destabilises central SahelStates need to assert control over the artisanal mining sector, which is being secured by local armed groupsBUSINESS:The ugly face of Beautiful CityThe factory owners took advantage of their foreign workers’ precarious statusSAA’s options seem limitedBusiness rescue is unlikely to work for a state-owned airline, say experts.

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