FULL TEXT: Julius Malema Address On Xenophobia In South Africa


- news.pindula.co.zw | 3 weeks ago

During his address at an EFF campaign rally in Eastern Cape, EFF President Julius Malema spoke against the recent Xenophobia attacks in Durban:We are all Africans. We must love one another.

Showing love to those who come from Mozambique, showing love to those who come from Guinea, from Egypt, from Nigeria is self-love. When you love yourself, you will love fellow South Africans.You say the people from Nigeria and Zimbabwe are taking our jobs.

But here are whites in South Africa who don’t have papers. They entered here legally. The Chines, some of them do not have papers.

You don’t call them Amakwerekwere. You don’t beat them up but you beat fellow Africans, why? You hate yourself.

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