Full Text: South Africa's EFF Pays Tribute To Oliver Mtukudzi


- news.pindula.co.zw | 3 months ago

Wednesday, 23 January 2019We, in the Economic Emancipation Movement, send our heartfelt and revolutionary condolences on the passing of a musical tour of centuries, Oliver Tuku Mtukudzi. We wish comfort to the hearts of his family, relatives, friends, Zimbabweans, and the world in general.

In his famous work, Neria, Tuku already prepares us, and our hearts, on the passing of a husband, a lover. He extols the virtue of a strong heart in the hour of human loss to death. Tuku paints death as jealous, and calls on the widow to be strong in her heart, because God is with her.

We are Neria, the woman who has lost Tuku. We must receive the message of Tuku to Neria with open hearts, and allow strength in this hour of doubt, turmoil, and confusion.The death of Tuku, like his life, is a rebuke to as all, never to lose heart, and never to give in to despondency.

He falls when Zimbabwe, his lover and pride, is facing violent winds of social injustice. He falls when the ordinary, defenseless citizen, is facing gun carrying soldiers who seek to suppress a free human spirit. He falls in the hour when Hope is most urgent in the body politic of his people.

We call on Zimbabwe, like Tuku did with Neria, “don’t be disheartened, God is with you”.

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