FW de Klerk still stands by historic speech bringing reform to SA


- briefly.co.za | 2 months ago

- Former president FW de Klerk is adamant he has no regrets about the choices he made when he was in power- The EFF has levied criticisms against the apartheid era leader, but De Klerk stands firm in his convictions- De Klerk says he has apologised numerous times for the injustice but highlights bringing it to an end counted for much more than an apologyThirty years since giving the speech that would signal the end of the apartheid regime and the dawn of democracy in South Africa, FW de Klerk has stood by his actions.Briefly.co.za reported that the Economic Freedom Fighters had slammed the former president, adamant that he should return his Nobel Prize.

However, the former apartheid leader insists he has no regrets about the decisions he made during his tenor. Speaking to eNCA, the former leader says nothing has changed over the years since his historic address:“Knowing what I know today I would have made that same speech 30 years ago.

It had to be done and it had to be done to bring justice, and it had to be done to avert catastrophe in SA.

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