Gatvol of all the political parties in SA – here's the Purple Cow

- | a month ago

LONDON — Many South Africans find themselves in a quandary on who to vote for in the May elections. As one friend told me, “I’m so gatvol of the political parties in South Africa.

” The ANC has that whiff of corruption, the Democratic Alliance like to stab each other in the back, the Economic Freedom Fighters are going to nationalise everything and could very well turn the country into Venezuela; who else could you vote for? A new party think that people who like capitalism, may want to support  them, it is called the Capitalist Party of South Africa, or ZACP.  Now does that remind you of the South African Communist Party?  Apparently by substituting the S with a Z and you turn from a Communist into a Capitalist. The principles of the Capitalist Party are libertarian, in other words very little interference from the state.

We have seen similar small parties have very little success at the polls in the past in South Africa. Do any remember the Keep it Straight and Simple or Kiss party? ZACP’s logo is eye-catching, a purple cow borrowed from the book with the same name, which is all about being remarkable in business. But, who knows, some people may think this is just what the country needs, politicians that nobody has heard of? Here is its ten point plan that Kanthan Pillay unveiled at their launch.

– Linda van Tilburg Speech by Kanthan Pillay at the launch of the Capitalist Part of South Africa (ZACP) Good morning. Welcome to the Rand Club.

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