General Council of the Bar criticises Malema's 'veiled attacks' on judges

- | 5 months ago

The General Council of the Bar (GCB) has criticised EFF leader Julius Malema for launching personal attacks on judges.

It said it was unfortunate that Malema's inappropriate criticisms, which were not directed at the correctness of the judgments but at the perceived personal characteristics of the judges who delivered them, sought to instil fear in the judiciary by making unfounded  allegations of favour and prejudice. The GCB, an association of 14 societies of advocates across the country, said in a statement on Friday that attacks of such nature undermined the independence of the judiciary.

In a speech made at a Women's Day event in the Northern Cape on August 9, Malema remarked that "education must be free of charge so a girl child can be educated and become a confident judge tomorrow so we get rid  incompetent judges who are threatened by politicians that appear before them".

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