Geoff Makhubo: Joburg's tainted mayor-in-waiting

- | 4 months ago

Geoff Makhubo will find out on Wednesday if he will finally become Johannesburg's new mayor, a job he has eyed since before the 2016 local government elections.

Makhubo, who is the chairperson of the Greater Johannesburg region of the ANC, is the frontrunner for the job; and with the ANC holding 121 seats, the party needs 15 additional votes at most to confirm his position. His ambition of securing the mayor's office was nearly derailed twice in the past week: first by the ANC's provincial executive committee, which reportedly rejected Makhubo's name; and then by the EFF who wanted the ANC to select another candidate in exchange for their members' votes.

 The election of the new mayor was supposed to take place last Thursday but was delayed because of confusion about what constitutes a majority in light of one of the seats, previously held by the ANC, being vacant.

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