Gordhan's legal team says Moyane is using state capture inquiry to rehabilitate career


- destinyman.com | a month ago

Moyane has applied for leave to cross-examine Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Gordhan’s advocate Michelle Le Roux argued before inquiry Chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo that: “Mr Moyane very explicitly tells you that he is here to rehabilitate his reputation and career prospects… he is asking for your help to rehabilitate his discredited name.” Gordhan has submitted that Moyane’s application is a “poorly disguised attempt” to use the inquiry as a political platform through his legal representatives.

“Chair, I must say, that this commission, with the hundreds of millions of rands being spent on it, and the very limited time that you’ve been given to cover an enormous set of terms of reference… time should not be spent, and money should not be spent on consoling Mr Moyane’s feelings, or airing his personal grievances,” Le Roux said. Le Roux also argued that Moyane needed to present a version that could be tested.

“You need a version from Mr Moyane first, in order to test. Which we simply don’t have,” she said.

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