Here is a list of the 48 political parties contesting 2019 elections

- | a month ago

Political parties contesting the 2019 National and Provincial elections signed the Code of Conduct Pledge of the Electoral Commission of South Africa rules in Midrand on Wednesday. Only three parties were not available to sign the pledge.

Political parties that will be contesting the elections on May 8 are counted to be 48. To avoid confusion on the ballot paper, the IEC had a draw which separated parties that were seen to have similar identifiers and also followed each other alphabetically. Three parties – the AIC, APC and ANC – did the draw.

In the draw, a party that draws the highest number retains its position in the alphabetical order, the party that draws the lowest of the three numbers is moved manually to the basement of the A alphabetical cluster and the party that draws the number in the middle will be accommodated in the middle of the A alphabetical cluster on the ballot paper. As a result, the AIC retained its place in the ballot paper, while the ANC was moved to the middle and the APC was moved to the bottom of the A alphabetical cluster. The African Security Congress will appear first on the ballot paper due to being picked in a draw.

This is the list of all contesting parties and how they will appear on the ballot box: African Security Congress.

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