I am not a sellout – Ramaphosa


- heraldlive.co.za | 2 months ago

“They started interrogating me, which was vicious and I will not go into that.“The issue that they wanted from me was to give evidence against accused number one Saths Cooper, Muntu Myeza – accused number two, Terror Lekota – accused number 3, and a number of others, and I refused.

Ramaphosa said he had also refused to sell out his comrades even after the security branch tried to get his father, who was a police officer at the time, to get him to agree to turn state witness against his fellow activists.“I said, ‘Dad, I’m not going to do it. I will never betray the comrades that I was working with and if I did, where will I go and live thereafter?’ I refused.

”Ramaphosa then turned to EFF leader Julius Malema, who had suggested on Tuesday that Ramaphosa had sold out workers because he oversaw the establishment of the National Union of Mineworkers at the behest of the mining giant Anglo American.“That story started being spread by some within our own ranks who, at the time, had been tasked with organising mineworkers but because their approach had not worked, they then started spreading a story as they saw the NUM growing,” he said.Ramaphosa said that back then, workers were suspicious of their intention as they did not have permission from their employers, but that all changed after they secured approval to organise workers from the Chamber of Mines.

“We got access and we started organising mineworkers.“At the time, Anglo American and Rand Mines were the only two miners that had allowed workers to join a union.“Why would Anglo American act against its own interests, because it was Anglo American which was most severely impacted by the strikes that mineworkers embarked upon?“Now honourable Lekota and honourable Malema, you raise these issues and throw around innuendo.

“You must realise how dangerous this is.

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