I was threatened with rape and violence following Malema tweet – Karima Brown


- citizen.co.za | a month ago

Journalist Karima Brown has spoken out on the abuse she has experienced since EFF leader Julius Malema shared her cellphone number in a tweet on Tuesday night.

Brown said she had been “threatened with rape, with sexual assault, with violence”. “I was called a ‘whore’ and told people will deal with me.

That I must leave the country and ‘f**k off back to India’,” she continued. “There was one where the person says they will peel off my skin and another saying essentially that I should be raped and dealt with.

” Brown said many of those who had threatened her were “clearly EFF members”, adding that she did, however, suspect some of the threats were sent by bots (fake accounts) or by those tweeting under a false identity or from multiple accounts (sometimes known as “sockpuppets”). Asked how much responsibility Malema must take for the treatment she has received, Brown said the EFF leader was “directly accountable”.

Brown noted that this was not the first time Malema and EFF supporters had threatened journalists, adding that those threatened – such as Pauli van Wyk and Thandeka Gqubule – are often women.

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