Inside Fikile Mbalula and Julius Malema's Fleek Flikizela twar

What could have been a post which saw ANC elections head Fikile Mbalula get glowing responses from Twitter turned out to be a heated exchange of threats between Mbalula and EFF leader Julius Malema.

The threat by Malema to dig into the archives for Mbalula's picture which would see him "regret the day he was born", started when Mbalula posted a picture of himself wearing shades and accessories from Xhosa traditional attire. Clearly Mbaks was feeling himself and was on a mission to slay - he captioned the picture "iCrush kaMama wakho (your mother's crush), Fleek Flikizela dripping sauce.

Show this your to mother - watch her as she destabilizes to an inability to can!!!".

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