Is EFF/ANC Coalition on the Cards?

- | 4 months ago

“In June we are taking Tshwane, and we are going to share Member of the Mayoral Committees (MMC) positions in Johannesburg and everywhere else where power is being shared,” Julius Malema told Solomon Star in an exclusive interview.

This is a clear salvo of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) intention to either work with the African National Congress (ANC) to remove or negotiate with the DA to recall the Executive Mayor of Tshwane Metro Municipality, Stevens Mokgalapa. Malema indicated that they have changed their previous stance of not co-governing, saying that they can’t learn forever referring to his party’s 2016 posture not to take up any mayoral committee or speaker positions.

“No Councillor of the EFF must accept any Executive position in the Council and no member shall be a Speaker in any Council.

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