I've divorced myself from politics, says North West deputy judge president hopeful


- timeslive.co.za | 4 months ago

Judge Roland Hendricks, who is in the running for the position of deputy judge president of the North West, on Tuesday moved to assure the judicial services commission that his former political affiliation to the ANC would hold no bearing on his judicial performance.

Commissioner Dali Mpofu had highlighted that Hendricks had been a member of the ANC for 10 years prior to being placed on the bench, and questioned how this would affect his independence. “Can you give an example which you did that showed that despite being a card-carrying member before your appointment, you were able to judge a matter without fear or favour in spite of your disposition?” Mpofu asked.

Hendricks did not give a practical example but instead answered: “Judges are human beings and, yes, we come with our biases from time to time, but a good judicial officer must be able to divorce themselves from these biases.

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