Jobs, Corruption, And Land Reform – How The ANC, DA, And EFF Compare

- | 2 months ago

The ANC is citing the commission to probe allegations against Jacob Zuma and co.

as evidence that they’re already committed to fighting corruption. It plans to ensure that there is greater transparency when awarding state tenders, strengthen parliaments oversight, and crack down on private companies that engage in illegal activities.

The DA wants to establish a new anti-corruption unit in the National Prosecuting Authority to investigate politicians and government officials engaged in wrongdoing. They want to remove the president’s power to appoint a chief prosecutor, handing that power over to parliament.

All prosecutors will be subject to yearly performance assessments. Furthermore, they want to impose a standard 15-year jail sentence for anyone caught embezzling more than R10 000.

The EFF wants to amend the constitution to make the National Prosecuting Authority accountable to parliament, rather than the government, which will guarantee its independence.

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