Journalist Karima Brown lays charges against EFF with police and IEC

- | 2 months ago

Journalist Karima Brown announced yesterday that she intended to lay complaints against the EFF with both the SAPS and the IEC.

Brown accuses the party of inciting abuse against her and of harassing women.Karima Brown feels that the Economic Freedom Fighters have breached the Electoral Code of Conduct, something that risks the party having its registration for the elections revoked.

The journalist will be laying complaints with the police and the Electoral Commission against the Red Berets after their leader, Julius Malema, sparked a flood of abuse aimed at her from his followers.Brown explained that the Electoral Act barred registered political parties from using speech that could incite harm and bound them to respecting the role of the media:“We need to ask the IEC how such a party can be on the ballot box.

It threatens journalists. It encourages its supporters to make rape threats and sexual assault threats.

It wants to dictate what I can do as a journalist.

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