Julius And The EFF Are Really Getting Desperate Now


- 2oceansvibe.com | 5 months ago

[imagesource: Waldo Swiegers] Perhaps, just maybe, this is the week that lands a damaging blow to the reputation of Julius Malema.

What reputation? Well, despite the fact that he’s been a crook and a charlatan for years, the EFF support base has continued to swell, and Malema’s ego swells along with it. Earlier this week, in another damning piece of investigative journalism, the Daily Maverick and Pauli van Wyk unpacked how Malema lived the high life using the money of many impoverished South Africans.

Then EWN senior reporter Barry Bateman said what most South Africans were thinking, calling Malema a “p*es”, and the EFF leader played the sanctimonious card.

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