Julius Malema: Current RDP homes worse than apartheid-era houses


- briefly.co.za | 2 months ago

Julius Malema has accused the ANC government of building RDP houses that are so inferior that they make apartheid human settlements look good.

The EFF leader alleged that officials are engaged in 'sex for RDP' bribes, where participants were moved up housing waiting lists.Economic Freedom Fighter leader, Julius Malema, has accused the ANC of building shoddier RDP houses than their apartheid counterparts.

According to DispatchLIVE, the Red Beret leader has alleged government officials have been encouraging 'sex for RDP' syndicates, were sexual acts are used as bribes to move up the waiting list to receive a home. Malema spoke to the elderly at Carnival Mall yesterday where he claimed the quality of the homes is so poor that the structures are falling apart.

On the other hand, apartheid homes were still standing:"There were poor boers during apartheid and they were built houses by the government, and those structures are still standing because the apartheid government was for boers and it cared about its people. Our government doesn't care about us," PAY ATTENTION: Do you want to know what's trending on Briefly.co.za? Join our WhatsApp group today.

READ ALSO: Julius Malema is proud of the EFF supporters in viral littering videoAccording to Malema, the RDP houses were glorified shacks that did not deserve to be called houses:They are worse than the so-called matchbox houses built during apartheid.Briefly.co.za gathered that the EFF leader had made the comments after the majority of elders in attendance at the event had complained about issues surrounding human settlement concerns and accused the ruling party officials of putting their own people first.

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