Julius Malema is jumping at shadows


- news24.com | a week ago

It seems the raised profile of SA's politicians goes hand in hand with raised paranoia.

We have all come to expect a Julius sideshow at any political event that garners TV coverage with the annual SONA address being a prime example. This year; CR neatly sidestepped any potential heckling from the EFF thug brigade by addressing Juju directly and publicly and forcing him to chuckle on camera.But this publicity hog wouldn't be outdone; a quick "assassination attempt on EFF's CiC"(sic) was hatched and the thug mentality was let loose to assault male and female security staff.

to Juju's immense credit he decided on gender equality and he assaulted a woman. well done Julius, you got your press.

The winds of change blowing through our politics have emasculated the EFF's intimidation tactics and the poor fellow is struggling to retain the limelight and to remain relevant; he's now forced to jump at imaginary shadows and plots to get any sort of exposure or look-in. His paranoia is also rubbing off on his henchmen and I'm sure they are all figuratively walking blindfolded through a minefield; expecting imminent action from the new NPA head, Shamila Batohi.

It must be a drain on their fortitude waiting for the courts to serve them with notice to account for his "On-Point" corruption; the VBS looting chapter and their patronage exposure with the Gauteng fleet lease scheme.

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