Julius Malema: The EFF must capture the state, take the economy


- briefly.co.za | 2 months ago

- Julius Malema held a press conference to discuss the upcoming elective conference- The EFF leader is currently facing multiple court battles but says he will forever remain in politics- Malema had a few harsh words for the government as far as state-owned entities were concerned, which he says are being deliberately destroyedEFF leader Julius Malema held a press conference on Thursday to address the upcoming elective conference taking place next month.

The embattled politician told those present that the EFF "must win political power from those who have it now, capture the state, take the economy" and redistribute it amongst all South Africans. The Citizen reports that Malema mentioned documents that were set to be voted into party policy at the conference, detailing the Red Beret plan to 'capture the state' as a 'key highlight'.

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