Julius Malema warns supporters about supposed plot against the EFF


- briefly.co.za | 4 weeks ago

- Julius Malema claims that the EFF's enemies are going to spread fake news about the party as the election approaches- He said they would reuse fake stories to discredit party leaders- Malema did not name names, but pointed the finger at "the establishment" and "Stratcom" Julius Malema has told his supporters and EFF party members that there is a strategy in place to discredit certain EFF leaders.

Malema made the accusations on Twitter.This is the latest of the EFF leader's assertions that members of the press are out to damage his party through fake news.

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 He told EFF supporters to be on the look-out for more such stories as the elections draw nearer. He added that the EFF's enemies would be reusing old stories in order to target the party.

Floyd Shivambu, the EFF's Deputy President, echoed Malema's concerns, referring to criticism of the EFF as "racist claptrap".

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