Julius Malema's 'favourability' plunges as ANC infighting also takes its toll

A growing dissatisfaction with SA’s politicians and political parties in general since the May general elections is evident in a new survey on public opinion - with clear warning signs for the ruling party.

Opposition EFF leader Julius Malema has suffered a setback too - his favourability rating has dropped lower than Jacob Zuma’s was when the former president quit amid a tangle of corruption scandals. This is according to data from marketing and social research consultancy, Citizen Surveys.

The latest South African Citizens Survey (SACS) quarterly data for April-June 2019, released on Tuesday, reveals that, in the past nine months Malema has seen a steady drop in favourability from a high of 30% in the last four months of 2018 to 25% currently – a considerable drop of five percentage points (or 16%).

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