JUST IN: CR17 was run as a clean campaign, says Presidency amid leaking of funders' names


- news24.com | 4 months ago

President Cyril Ramaphosa's rise to high office was paved on a "a clean campaign", the Presidency said on Saturday, noting that the leaking of confidential banking information of funders is a breach of privacy.

"The selective circulation of this banking information is clearly intended to cast aspersions on the President, and follows the recent report of the Public Protector, in which there was a substantial focus on the funding of the CR17 campaign," spokesperson Khusela Diko in a statement. She said the information leaked to the media, supposedly held only by the Office of the Public Protector, includes bank statements of third parties, which record private transactions and which are strictly confidential.

"The Presidency notes with grave concern what amounts to a violation of the constitutionally enshrined right to privacy.

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