Kill the beast in US

- | 4 months ago

The Chronicle Stephen Mpofu, Perspective South African opposition leader Mr Julius Malema wrote (yes, wrote) a chapter of Zimbabwe’s founding father and iconic revolutionary, the late former President Robert Mugabe, the whole or part of which local and founding foreign political historians might find impossible not to include in their black-and-white immortalisation of the liberation struggle that recovered our motherland from a racist, foreign ruling culture on April 18, 1980.

In a recent speech when condoling with the first family in Harare over their great loss, the Economic Freedom Fighters party president spoke highly of how President Mugabe fought fearlessly against white imperialists in his defence of blacks at the United Nations, the African Union as well as at other international fora. But had Malema however cared to elucidate on his speech, he would have explained that Cde Mugabe was not against white people per se but against some white people hell-bent on turning blacks into door mats on which to rub off the filth encrusted on the soles of their shoes so they would mince step, clean into the house/future that they were building for themselves and their kith and kin and where their security was guaranteed.

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