Kylie Jenner turns daughter's melody into massive money mover

- | 3 months ago

- After a special moment between media mogul, Kylie Jenner, and her daughter went viral- The viral meme showed Kylie singing to her daughter- Kylie has cashed in on the success of the meme with the release of a range of merchandise based on the memeKylie Jenner is a very talented young lady, not an only a reality star but also the founder of Kylie Cosmetics.

She has added yet another feather to her cap with the release of a new range of merchandise based on a viral meme of her singing to her daughter, learned that the merch consists of two hoodies, in either black or white, that have the lyric the song Kylie sang to her daughter on the sleaves, "riiise" and "shiiine". READ ALSO: EFF calls for Mabuza's head amid allegations of incompetence Kylie's face is depicted as a sun on the front of the hoodie.

The new merch is retailing at $65 and is selling well with Ariande Grande getting in on the meme according to the

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