Lamola willing to quit lucrative law career to serve people

No one is safe from the effects of Eskom's failures, the sword of load-shedding strikes even high-ranking ANC members.

It's a sunny Monday afternoon when I meet ANC national executive committee member Ronald Lamola at his Midrand, Johannesburg, home during load-shedding. No electronic sound can be heard from inside his double-storeyed house.

Lamola has just returned from his office in Pretoria and is waiting for me outside his garage besides his glossy black Mercedes-Benz C-Class. After exchanging pleasantries, he quickly rushes into the house to get a cloth to wipe dust off the three mini white garden chairs that he had placed at a corner of his yard.

"No one is not affected and no one is not worried as you can see even in my house there is no electricity," Lamola says. " It also affects me.

So what it tells us is that service delivery affects everyone and you've got a right to be angry.

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