Land, education, competency core to EFF governance when it happens

- | 8 months ago

Despite the election results favouring the ANC, EFF member Thomas Mahlatji, who voted at Three Square Sports Ground, is convinced that the party has the only clear policies on everything from poverty alleviation to empowerment and the restoration of dignity for the majority of the population.

Mahlatji said that this would be achieved through job creation in currently-disused factories in Marlboro, Kew and Lombardy, which should be revived; expropriation and distribution of land to the poor for productive purposes; and the nationalisation of the Reserve Bank from private control and profit motives by the private sector. Voters queue at Three Square Sports Ground.

Photo: Leseho Manala He was adamant that the EFF will, with time, prevail at the polls and through its voice in parliament after rigorous ongoing lobbying for land expropriation, which, he said, is the only foundation to restoring human dignity.

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