LETTER: EFF makes a well-calculated move


- businesslive.co.za | 6 months ago

There is bad blood between Pravin Gordhan and Julius Malema, and the EFF’s move to back public protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane against Gordhan should be understood from that perspective.

The EFF is an opposition political party and would want to adopt a stance that is different from all the other opposition political parties. Its Marikana massacre trump card seems to have lost its power, or it has decided to abandon it, and there are few other issues that can be used to take on President Cyril Ramaphosa, unlike his errant predecessors.

It is well within the ambit of the law for the EFF to suggest that the public protector’s findings against Gordhan should be challenged in a court of law, because it is only a court of law that can set her findings aside.

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