LETTER: HRC a member of the Malema fan club


- businesslive.co.za | 5 months ago

I was disgusted and taken aback when I heard the pronouncement from the SA Human Rights Commission’s (HRC’s) Dr Shanelle van den Berg that the HRC had found that Julius Malema was not guilty of hate speech after he called for the slaughter of whites.

Van den Berg said the context of the message was important (whatever that means) and that singing “kill the boer” was figurative and political, and does not call for actual killing. So Malema not killing the whites for now is acceptable speech? I would have liked to see their reaction if a white person had made the same utterances about blacks.

It seems the HRC is only not just another discredited propaganda machine for the ANC when it turns to be part of the Malema fan club.

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