Liberia: Int'l Bodies Hold Talks with Political Leaders, Civil Society Groups ahead of Release of L ...

- | 2 months ago

Governance  Members of the opposition bloc present at the meeting raised issues about the rule of law which they say is a major concern. They indicated that there is a gradual breakdown of law and order, lamenting that the law enforcement agencies are taking no steps to remedy the situation.

They cited the Montserrado County District 13 violence and the Sinoe by-election not being investigated by the regime. They called for electoral reforms, noting that their participation to the 2020 senatorial election will be predicated upon complete reform of electoral laws and voter registration process. The political parties expressed concern over the coercing of civil servants to join the Coalition for Democratic Change and the false accusation of the opposition political members of concocting to assassinate President Weah.

However, the CDC representatives present denied that neither President Weah nor the chairman of the party, Mulbah Morlu, ever accused the opposition of wanting to kill President Weah. They also accused the opposition of not condemning statements of assassination made against the President on social media. Asset Declaration Meanwhile, both the political parties, civil society organizations and the religious groups at the meeting have demanded investigations into the sudden giant size properties acquired by some officials of government in the absence of asset declaration.

They called for openness in the asset declaration and urged that President George Weah must lead the way to true transparency and accountability.  President Weah recently told a BBC interview that he cannot be make his asset declaration forms public as it borders on his privacy and that of his family, especially his children. He at the same time said he cannot compel officials of his government to declare their assets as he has already informed them that the law requires them to do so.

The UN, AU and ECOWAS pledged to work with both the government, oppositions, religious community and civil society to ensure that peace is maintained.

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