Liberia: UP Withdrew From Protest at Last Minute

Earlier, Rufus Neufville had withdrawn from the COP and established the "Independent Council of Patriots," followed by the so-called Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia, as well as two Senators, Oscar Cooper of Margibi County and Sando Johnson of Bomi, right after the June 7, 2019 protest.

The UP National Chairman noted that it will be hypocritical of the party, having previously detested, resisted and opposed calls from the CDC and its allies for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to step-down while, at this time of the regime of the CDC, condoning and support the call for President George Weah to step down. "Today, even though the 'Step Down' label of the December 30, 2019 Protest appears to be removed at least officially, it is not yet clear how long the rescheduled protest will last.

In fact, we do not as yet know to what extent the already suffering and dispossessed masses can endure any endless standoff.

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